Free Menu Planner Printable

Menu Planning for me is the hardest, but most important part of clean eating. It gives you a plan, you use your food more wisely and there is no staring in the fridge for 5 minutes trying to think what to make for dinner tonight. This happens more then I would like… So I designed a little menu planner that works best for me and I thought I would share it. Enjoy! Click HERE to download.


Zucchini Brownies

These brownies are incredibly amazing. Everyone who tries them CANNOT believe they have NO FLOUR! It pretty much tastes like zucchini bread with chocolate on top. I found this recipe on Pinterest, it’s by @lindsay_kujawa the delighted momma. Click HERE for the recipe. The only thing I do different is throw all the ingredients in my blender instead of shredding the zucchini, (that’s a real time saver!) add 1/2 tsp more cinnamon, and pour chocolate chips on top after baking instead of inside the brownies.

Paleo Mayo

Paleo mayo. This is a necessity while on whole30, I have made several paleo mayos and after tweaking it each time, I finally came up with my favorite. Recipe adapted from @amazon_ashley she has a great roasted garlic mayo and ranch also!
Crack egg into a wide open mouth jar. Add 1/2 c of avocado oil or light tasting olive oil. Add 1 tsp rice vinegar, 1 tsp of lemon juice, pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp of dry mustard or Dijon. If you need more mayo just add 1/2 c more oil. Put immersion blender to bottom of cup and turn on leave on the bottom until it starts getting creamy then slowly bring up the the top to mix in the rest of the oil. Easy peasy.


Tomato Basil Paleo Pasta

This “pasta” is soo EASY, amazing and only minimal ingredients. I love that we are getting all the nutrients from the spaghetti squash instead of empty carbs of a typical starchy pasta noodle. 
You need: 1 lb of cherry or other small tomatoes. 3+ cloves garlic.1 tbsp of oregano. I tsp onion salt. Olive oil and 3/4 c of fresh basil. Sautée garlic in olive oil over med high heat till browned, turn down to a simmer and add halved tomatoes, oregano and 1/2 c basil. Cook for 10 mins then add black pepper 2 tbsp of oil and cook for another 5. Stir around ingredients at this point and mash up some of the tomatoes. Add 1/4 c of basil and cook for another 5 mins. (Total cook time is 20 mins) SPAGHETTI SQUASH heat oven 375* halve the squash and place cut side up in 3/4 c of water poured in a baking dish. Cook for 45 mins or until tender. Scrape at squash with a fork to pull away from the shell. Serve as noodles with tomato basil sauce on top. Enjoy.


Mexican Citrus Taco Salad

I made 2 salads tonight…on accident. This one was my hubby’s favorite. I started out making a basic taco salad but when I sadly realized I was out of cilantro for the cilantro lime dressing I looked around my kitchen and thought hmm oranges? And then this goodness happens.
For the salad: chopped lettuce of choice, tomatoes, avocados, red onion, cucumbers and chopped up orange. Layer salad on top of cooked quinoa and kidney beans. Pour on some avocado tomatillo salads from costco. For the amazing dressing: 2 oz of avocado oil, splash of apple cider vinegar, tsp of blood orange balsamic vinegar from @realfoodsmarket and juice from half an orange. Drizzle on some honey and blend. For whole30 leave out honey and add 1 pitted date if you’d like. You can also use regular balsamic and add more orange juice.