Britta’s Nursery Sneak Peak

First I want to thank Delta Children for saving my marriage by creating the perfect crib! True story, when me and my husband put together our first crib over 6 years ago at 37 weeks pregnant, we were totally stressed and it was sooo difficult to put together that we got into a fight over it! It’s comical now but my Delta Children Crib was a breeze to put together and I can tell will be easy to lower the mattress and such without a huge ordeal. I also love that it is low enough for my 6 year old to reach in and pull the baby out safely! Stay tuned for the Guest Bedroom/Nursery Reveal!




Fire Roasted Cilantro Chicken Salad

I really could eat this salad every night and I'm pretty sure I've posted almost 10 deifferent recipes with my favorite sweet cilantro dressing. oh and while I was cleaning up dinner I may or may not have blown up an entire blender jar with soap all over my kitchen 👉🏼 you can catch it all on my ... read more