3 Kitchen Must Haves for clean eating

This list is my Kitchen MUST HAVES for clean eating. I use these things ALL the time and it makes life so much easier. A lot of these special ingredients are hard to find in stores so I usually just order them on my amazon prime account. (affiliate links)

This is my go to seasoning. It is whole30 and paleo approved and good on everything from roasted veggies to chicken and fish and even steak. Click on the image to buy.




This is the PERFECT Soy Sauce replacement. It is great for stir-fry, salad dressings and more. Click on the image to buy.


Spiralizer The Spiralizer! My FAVORITE kitchen gadgets. This turns vegetables into noodle shapes so that I can make Paleo pastas and such! My kids love it and I use it for “pasta” zoodles, I spiralize cucumbers for salads and my kids love the fun shapes. Click on the image to buy.