What’s in my Hospital Delivery Bag

What should I pack in my hospital bag?

After having 3 babies I feel like I’ve finally got down what I actually need in my hospital bag. With my first I brought way too much stuff, with my second I was missing a couple things and this last baby I was perfectly prepared.

This post is brought to you by Lily JadeThis is my favorite diaper bag that I have owned (5 so far) and I wish I had gotten it first because I am POSITIVE it would have lasted through all these years instead of in the trash like my others. It looks like a purse, has a removable organizer and it can be a backpack! It seriously has everything you need!

Let’s talk about what I brought with me shall we?

Stuff to pack in my hospital bag

Among the obvious toiletries that you should pack the most important ones to me are…

  1. Dry Shampoo
  2. Sleeping Mask!! (I need it dark to sleep and there is always an annoying light on in your room).
  3. Phone Charger
  4. Hair ties

What to pack for baby

The baby things are the most fun to pack 😉 Make sure you’ve got a coming home outfit or two, some cute bows (my favorite is MODERN PIGGY) or beanies for pictures, a great swaddle and a nursing cover (both from COPPER PEARL) for when you have visitors.

Clothes to bring to the hospital

Comfortable and BLACK is the name of the game so you don’t get anything stained. I love wearing a comfy nursing bra and a soft robe during my hospital stay and then when I go home just some baggy sweats and a baggy shirt!

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