A complaint I hear a lot about eating healthy is “but it takes so much time!” Yes it does take time, but if you plan, prep and chop ahead of time, it will save you time later. Plus with all the energy you get from doing a whole30 you cut out that daily afternoon nap, oh wait…just me?? Anyways these are my favorite gadgets that I use on a WEEKLY basis, they are like having a third arm and make my life soo much easier. 1: blendtec twister jar: it makes almond butter in under a minute and is a gem when it comes to making salad dressings. 2: Oster immersion blender, makes paleo mayo in a couple of mins, enough said. 3: food processor, my MIL got me one from DI and it works fantastic for chopping onions, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, or whatever I need shredded. 4: paderno spiralizer, this thing amazes me and is still fun to use every time I pull it out. 5: you don’t realize how much you need a citrus press until you actually have a citrus press. Time saver for sure!