Paleo Strawberry Shortcake

paleo strawberry shortcakeWhat if i told you this paleo strawberry shortcake was topped with paleo strawberry frozen custard?? Well it is and it’s amazing. I swear you won’t even know that it’s healthy! I made it for my husbands birthday this weekend and I was nervous to make him a “healthy dessert” but he LOVED it and said it was the best dessert he’s ever had. No lie.

RECIPE: for the FROZEN CUSTARD/////// heat up a can of coconut milk, meanwhile whisk 5 egg yolks. Once the coconut milk is heated up scoop out a cup of the hot milk and SLOWLY pour into the bowl of whisked egg yolks while stirring. This allows the egg yolk to warm slowly without scrambling. Add the egg mixture into the hot coconut milk slowly and whisk while pouring. Stir and heat on medium low for 10 minutes. Once cooled add to ice cube trays and freeze. To your high powered blender add 5 cubes of frozen custard, 1/2 frozen banana, 3 frozen strawberries and 3 tbsp almond milk. Blend it up and voila healthy rich ice cream!

For the cake I used this almond flour yellow cake from I doubled the recipe and I made my own almond flour and added a tbsp of coconut flour. I promise it will not disappoint.

Top with fresh mashed strawberries and strawberry frozen custard.


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