“Willpower is the greatest and most coveted human strength, according to Professor of Psychology, Roy Baumeister. He’s conducted pioneering research about our capacity for self-control. And as we’ll hear later, he says that it is possible to improve our self-control and strengthen our willpower, giving us the potential to redirect our lives.
You’ve heard it a million times, “Mind Over Matter” but what does that really mean? Especially when it comes to making good food decisions. My sister is in Grad School getting her Master’s in Psycology and she sent me this interesting article about willpower and self control. You can read the full article HERE (click show transcript to read). Basically psycologist Roy Baumeister talks about his study about how self control takes ENERGY aka willpower and to fuel energy in your body you need food or fuel, that’s why calorie restrictive diets can be so hard! I love that the beauty of the whole30 program lets you EAT! You need to eat to have the energy to resist temptation.
Do you feel like you struggle with self control? Don’t worry! According to Roy Baumeister self control is like a muscle and the more you exercise it the stronger it gets. He also states that through out the day your willpower weakens because you are expending energy practicing self control all day, so temptation is stronger at the end of the day, or before its time to eat again. So my advice to you is know yourself! Know that it might get hard when you are starving or late at night so be prepared with whole30 or healthy snacks to give you energy to perserver.
It is hard at first. Especially while you are going through sugar withdrawals but you can do this! Let us flex our self control muscles and do this January Whole30!