I’ve had my cast iron skillet for a couple months now and every time I use it I love it even more. It kind of has a learning curve so be patient while you really get to know your skillet. 
Did you know cast iron skillets are practically indestructible and some are over 100 years old and working great still. They get better and more nonstick over time. 
PRICE: Low! I got mine for $16 at target. 
CARE: Don’t ever wash with soap! After I’m done using my skillet I pour HOT water in (never cold it can crack it) and bring to a boil to lessen bits of food. Then give it a good scrub with a sponge and sea salt if there are still bits left on. I coat with avocado oil and put back on burner for a couple mins to dry off all the water. 
COOKING: let pan heat up before adding food so it’s an even heat, start lower than you think you will need. You can use this in an oven (frittatas or baking) or over a fire too! PROS: this gives the best crusts! My favorite thing to cook in it is Aidells chicken sausages and red peppers. 
You feel like a vintage rockstar cooking in this thing! Feel free to add any of your tips!