Tomato Basil Paleo Pasta

This “pasta” is soo EASY, amazing and only minimal ingredients. I love that we are getting all the nutrients from the spaghetti squash instead of empty carbs of a typical starchy pasta noodle. 
You need: 1 lb of cherry or other small tomatoes. 3+ cloves garlic.1 tbsp of oregano. I tsp onion salt. Olive oil and 3/4 c of fresh basil. Sautée garlic in olive oil over med high heat till browned, turn down to a simmer and add halved tomatoes, oregano and 1/2 c basil. Cook for 10 mins then add black pepper 2 tbsp of oil and cook for another 5. Stir around ingredients at this point and mash up some of the tomatoes. Add 1/4 c of basil and cook for another 5 mins. (Total cook time is 20 mins) SPAGHETTI SQUASH heat oven 375* halve the squash and place cut side up in 3/4 c of water poured in a baking dish. Cook for 45 mins or until tender. Scrape at squash with a fork to pull away from the shell. Serve as noodles with tomato basil sauce on top. Enjoy.