I am doing another round of Whole30 starting on September 1st. Since it’s my second round, i know exactly what I’m getting into and feel much more prepared. Many people want to start eating healthy and have no idea where to start, trust me I was one of them. You are in your comfort zone, you eat whatever you feel like eating, you beat yourself for eating too much candy for dinner (i have never done this) So here are a few links to get you started.

What is the WHOLE30 Program: This is where you can start.
READ the book: “It starts with food” is one of the best books I have read, it is packed with simple to understand information and will really motivate you to eat healthy.
Whole30 Shopping List: This list has a bunch of ideas of what you CAN eat.
MENU plan: Download my free menu planner printable, cuz you know, if you fail to plan…
Grab a Friend: It is always more fun to do things with a buddy and it helps keep you accountable.
Pinterest: This is a great source for finding whole30 and paleo meal options.
FOLLOW along with me: I will post a lot of my meals and you can follow along and eat with me, just not at my table 😉