Seared Salmon Salad

Don’t be afraid to make this salad. It is amazing and is way easier than it looks to make plus it’s pretty quick if you do all the prep before hand. 
Add some mango mayo from @cleaneats_cleantreats or drizzle on oil and some lemon, S&P to mixed greens. Make some guacamole. Chop up mangos and cilantro. Cut up fresh salmon into filets (I bought mine at costco) drizzle avocado oil and season with pepper, garlic salt and fresh lime. Throw some avocado oil in a pan and heat to med high- high heat. Wait a min and throw on filets. Sear for 2-3 mins before flipping over. Cut into the thickest part of salmon to make sure it’s a light pink and flakey. Put on top of lettuce and top with guacamole mangos and cilantro. Squeeze some fresh lime to finish.