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Do you want to eat healthier but have no idea where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information you need to learn, recipes you need to gather and overhauling your lifestyle?

This eBook is the perfect solution to reach your NEW YEAR’S GOALS and the best way to ease you into eating clean.



I wanted to make sure that this eBook was filled with resources and tools that will help you suceed.

  • 36 recipes that are print friendly
  • Calendar so you know exactly what to expect each day
  • Save time with a grocery list for each week and tips on where to buy what
  • Save time, energy and guesswork with the built in menu planner for each week

how to eat clean


I felt overwhelmed a couple years ago when trying to eat healthy and just didn’t know where to start. I slowly started learning as much as I could about nutrition and eating healthy foods, I wanted to make a 3 week quickstart guide for you so that you can learn all the important elements quickly without feeling overwhelmed. This 3 week eating clean challange will slowly implement new changes with weekly goals and 1 clean recipe a day that you can make. By the last week you will have 3 healthy meal plans a day and shopping list and all the resources that you will need. If you have any questions please email me

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