Heaven in a bowl. 3 things…first butternut squash noodles are winning, second anything with pesto is amazing and lastly if I had time I would’ve added grilled chicken. But really guys, this pesto cashew cream sauce is to die for. Cashew cream sauce: soak cashews in water 2-24 hours, drain and place in blender and add fresh water till all cashews are covered. Blend blend blend until you have this creamy texture, you can add more water to get the right consistency. PESTO: 1/2 c nuts (pecans, almonds, pine, walnut whatever you want) 3-4 cloves garlic, 1/3 c olive oil blend up and then add 3 cups of fresh basil and blend until desired consistency, salt and pepper to taste. Put cream sauce on stove top and add spoonfuls of pesto till it tastes amazing. I made my butternut squash noodles with my spiralizer and steamed it till tender. Topped with pesto cream sauce and chicken and tomatoes or sundried tomatoes.



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      1 or 2 cups should be enough, if you have extra you can use it as a “cream of chicken soup” replacement, just add chicken stock, and whatever seasonings you like.