Macadamia Nut encrusted Chicken

Tonight’s dinner was amazing because it involved roasted vegetables. I had some left over mango mayo from @cleaneats_cleantreats and decided to put it to good use with this chicken. I may or May not have over cooked this chicken so watch it like a hawk, but it was still delish.
Make some basic paleo mayo #littlecoconuttyspaleomayo then turn it into mango mayo from #shannonsmangomayo marinate chicken in this for 2+ hours, but reserve some for drizzling on the top of cooked chicken. Chop up some macadamia nuts and coat both sides of the chicken with them. Cook at 450* for 20-30 minutes or BBQ. For the veggies I did red pepper, carrots and yellow onion. Coat with olive oil or avocado oil and add adobo seasoning or oregano seasoning or just salt and pepper. Drizzle Mayo on top of chicken before serving.